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Cooperative Enterprises


We promote a business model with a focus on cooperative enterprises. This is an alternative enterprise system compared to traditional business that often requires a large amount of money. Traditional methods are typically not easily available to low-income women and families looking to start a business or learn a trade.  Our system gives participants a way to exert some control over their work lives. The handmade craft collaborative is a way to use skills in jewelry making, sewing, and crafting to help support their families and themselves.

The "empowerment not charity" campaign

The objective of our campaign is to empower women and other individuals in low-income communities transition to self-sufficiency. Our goal is to assist people in earning livable wages that allow them to thrive rather than to simply survive.  Be part of the solution and make a difference in our campaign. You can help others achieve self-reliance one person at a time.


Buy Our Handmade Jewelry and Crafts Made Through the Adbar Craft Cooperative

At Adbar, we believe in empowerment, not handouts.  We also perceive that there is a need for access and opportunity.  Please support us by purchasing our handmade jewelry and crafts, hire us to hem your clothing, or invite us to cater an event.

Cooperative handmade gifts are a meaningful alternative when you purchase our jewelry and crafts for yourself or as presents for friends & family. Please know that you are helping low income women gain economic independence and learn valuable life skills. Most importantly, you are taking a bite out of poverty and are making a difference in your community.  

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