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Adbar Sewing Cooperative:
Why Sewing?

We want to take you back to the good old days when people used to make quality clothing for themselves and their families. Our sewing participants in the craft cooperative will choose their fabrics and patterns. We open discussions and teach how to design and sew quality clothing to wear and to sell. We also help sewing class cooperative participants learn how to hem and tailor clothing to offer as an entrepreneurial service to the community. The class is taught by highly qualified teachers with experience in sewing and designing.

Our Participants

We started the sewing cooperatives for women and men who want to learn how to design and make their own clothing. The sewing class is designed for ambitious groups and individuals who aspire to someday become famous designers and view our sewing class as a stepping stone. Our sewing classes are just the beginning!  

The sewing class will be offered by experienced instructors.

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