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Women's Support Forum

Our informal women’s gatherings offer opportunities for peer support, wellness education, economic empowerment, civic engagement, social justice work and other issues and concerns that are pertinent to women. We meet over shared coffee and snacks to talk in an open and non-judgemental way. 


Adbar welcomes everyone to join us and participate in our ongoing discussion. Please call or email us in advance. Please call: 617-945- 7596 or email: We look forward to hearing from you! 


Adbar teaches women, immigrants, their families, and others in our community how voting and lobbying legislatures will help create positive opportunities for them and their community. Adbar constituents act according to goals for maintaining access for fair housing with local legislators.

In order to make our advocacy efforts more effective, we will continue our cross collaboration with grassroots groups, established organizations (such as the Massachusetts Association of HUD Tenants [MAHT]), and associations with whom we share values who have launched similar campaigns against the housing crisis and related issues. Adbar has also networked with local faith based groups and other local organizations.

Our  Current goALS

One of our goals is to organize tenants to form a tenant’s association. In accomplishing this, we are advocating on the city and national level to save affordable / subsidized housing. We are campaigning to keep subsidized housing affordable for low-income and other vulnerable community members in the greater Boston area and throughout the Commonwealth.

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