Here at Adbar we believe helping low-income women and their families help themselves one person at a time is the most effective way to get people out of dependency and poverty and become productive citizens

Literacy is central to our work. As a grassroots organization,

we have seen the ways literacy education can open a world of opportunity for girls and women firsthand. Adbar promotes women’s literacy as a tool for personal growth and social change. We promote and foster early reading activities to assist in children's language and cognitive development. For adult learners, Adbar offers basic English classes, computer classes, and tutoring for other marketable skills

Get Connected Computer Clinic:
Our computer program is a one-of-a-kind computer clinic in Cambridge that provides a vital service to the greater Boston area. The program donates, repairs and trains in hardware and software and provides internships and training to students and learners of all ages.
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Leadership Development: 
Focuses on promoting and providing women’s access to social and economic opportunities, thereby empowering women to take control of their destiny in collaboration with other women’s organizations as well likeminded groups and associations.

Cooperative Enterprises:

We envision a path to success and hope with the "Empowerment Not Handouts!" Campaign. We promote and facilitate worker-owned and operated cooperative enterprises. There needs to be a psychological shift away from doing something that benefits only “you”. 


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Community Advocacy and Self-Advocacy:


Our community and self-advocacy is anchored in the belief that low-income women and their families can be their own best advocates when given the necessary tools, access to information, and support. We advocate on issues such as: human trafficking, domestic violence, mental illness, housing, immigration, family unification, and other challenges. We also collaborate with other organizations and associations that share our values and concerns.

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