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Here at Adbar we believe helping low-income women and their families help themselves one person at a time is the most effective way to get people out of dependency and poverty and become productive citizens

Our Programs

We provide:

  • Orientation for new comers on cultural personal safety, rights, and responsibilities, laws, etc

  • Assist in Housing search

  • Help find Jobs & Training

  • Provide social support

  • Translation & Interpretation 

  • Pre & post adoption service

  • Amharic lessons for tourists & adopted children

Women's Cooperative Enterprises

Adbar is prompting and facilitating the formation of cooperative business enterprises, and it’s particularly advantageous for low-income wage earners and underserved women and individuals who are interested in starting small enterprises of their choice as a group for any enterprise of their choice with as little as $200.

The cooperative business enterprises model, in particular, is an important tool to support healthy community development. In this era of inequality, it’s both motivating and empowering for cooperative business owners to share both wealth and controlling their economic destiny.

Coop orientation date will be announced soon. In the meantime, if you are interested in being part of the cooperative business enterprise.

Please email us at


Get Connected Computer Clinic
Literacy in general computer skills in particular is central to our work. We have seen firsthand the impact of literacy on the lives of low income women and individuals. All Get Connected Computer Clinic activities are designed to close the digital skill gap with the ultimate objective of closing the economic divide in
our community.

Get Connected is a one-of-a-kind computer clinic that provides a vital service in Cambridge and the Greater Boston area and beyond. The program donates refurbished desk top and laptops computers to those in need, repair services, trains in hardware and software, and offers internships to students and learners of all ages.

Adbar, through our Get Connected Computer program, is donating refurbished

computers to those who can’t afford their own. The program also offers computer lessons to Cambridge/Somerville and the Greater Boston areas ́ residents.


Please email us:



Community Advocacy and Self-Advocacy


Our community and self-advocacy is anchored in the belief that low-income women and their families can be their own best advocates when given the necessary tools, access to information, and support. We advocate on issues such as: human trafficking, domestic violence, mental illness, housing, immigration, family unification, and other challenges. We also collaborate with other organizations and associations that share our values and concerns.



Global Women and Children’s Literacy Initiative – stay tuned!

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