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Gebeta Vegetarian & Vegan    Global Catering Service      

Our Gebeta Vegetarian and Vegan Global Catering Service offers a wide selection of fresh, delicious vegetarian and/or vegan food from all over the world to the Cambridge and greater Boston communities.

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Ordering our delicious homemade food helps low-income people achieve self-reliance by instilling the value of work and breaking the cycle of poverty. These catering jobs help to foster economic empowerment within our community by generating income. Please know that when you place an order with our global food catering, you are helping low-income women and families gain economic independence.   We also seek to educate low-income families and individuals about the correlation between wellness and healthy eating habits. 

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We intend to educate and promote to low income families and individuals the correlation/connection between wellness and healthy eating habit. Second, when they provide the cooperative catering it generates income and creates economic empowerment for our participants. 

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