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Get Connected! Computer Clinic

Refurbishes Donated Computers

Get Connected! Computer Clinic donates computers to low-income groups and individuals who are searching for housing or jobs and seeking to network with others. At our clinic, directed by experienced computer professionals and staffed by many students and volunteers, we refurbish donated computers and make them available to people that would not be able to afford one. The clinic provides vital services in Cambridge, Somerville and the Greater Boston area.


We ask for a donation of $50 from folks who are not making much money and $125 from organizations and people who are making decent money. We can set up payment plans when necessary. If you have no money at all, we have a volunteer option—ask us about it.  We have a potluck, which we enjoy while we work.  We encourage you to bring food or drink to share, though it is not required.

"I want to work in information technology & this place gave me that opportunity" -Meg

"I am a team player. I like the diversity and the social atmosphere" -Katherine


We are grateful for your donation of computers, laptops, printers and other office equipment, and will provide a tax deduction letter for you.


Please call 617-522-1049 or


Find out More About Get Connected:


Please call our Program Director Adam Frost

Phone: 617-522-1049



Call Our Main Office: (617) 945-7596 Email:

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