Special Delivery Adbar/Get Connected: Our Computer Clinic is offering delivery-with-social-distancing of full computer systems – mostly desktops – to people and businesses needing computers during this crisis. Machines are Windows 10 and are industrial strength with Boston’s only lifetime warranty (as long as our clinic is alive, we’ll take care of your machine). 


Weekly Web for Business Class: This course helps people learn practical ways to use the internet for business, including website development, email issues, safety, community outreach and more. Tuesdays
noon – 1 pm.


Weekly Computer Clinic: We are offering free help with your computer, instruction on how computers work, computer repair, and the computer industry. Particularly good for people training to be computer helpers or who want to be the “go to” person in their offices. Wednesdays 5 pm – 7 pm.

Skill and Services Transfer Workshop: Adam Frost, Adbar’s Get Connected Computer Clinic Director and an experienced vocational counselor, will lead a series of workshops helping people and businesses adjust their work and offerings to be successful during the crisis. All classes are held on Zoom and do not require a computer, although using a computer, smartphone or other device is helpful. 


For more information please our Program Director Adam Frost at 617-522-1049 or at (617)-945-7596.

Why Adbar?
Recognizing an unmet need, Adbar Ethiopian Women’s Alliance was launched in 1994 by women of immigrant
and refugee backgrounds as the first and the only 501(c)(3) nonprofit Ethiopian women’s organization in Massachusetts with a goal of empowering women providing services that had formerly been unavailable to them. Adbar is run by and for women, offering empowering programs that have helped hundreds of low-income women and their families.




for numerous ways to contribute to our mission

We need your help. Together we are strengthening our community. All contributions will make a difference in the lives of low income/underserved women and their families. Donations help us teach skills of self-reliance. Any amount you can give will make an impact and help us keep this valuable mission alive.